Why your clinic needs a RadTag™ Asset Management Solution


A quick scan of RadTag™ enables users to instantly view records including equipment details, shielding assessments, compliance reports, risk management plans.


RadTag™ assigns unique IDs to your radiation sources, streamlining communication with regulators and alerting staff to ongoing regulatory requirements.


RadTag™ integrates with the Asset Management Dashboard, offering a consolidated view of essential data, simplifying record-keeping, and ensuring swift access to critical information.


RadTag™ upholds accuracy in records, ensuring adherence to state and territory radiation legislation. Be audit-ready at all times, alleviating stress during inspections.


RadTag™ secures vital asset data often lost in sales, safeguarding the business’s value and appeal to potential stakeholders


Scanning RadTag™ during compliance checks alerts users to unauthoriSed equipment relocations, particularly beneficial for practices frequently moving equipment, ensuring compliance and regulatory adherence.

How does RadTag™ Work?

RadTag™ ID’s assist Radiation Licence holders meet their legislative obligations (licensing, procedures and compliance) under state and territory law. Your RadTag™ provides your Radiation source with its own Asset Identity and creates a common language between the user and the Radiation Safety Regulator. 

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For clinics with up to 3 X-ray machines
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36 month subscription.
Suitable for clinics with up to 3 X-rays
RadTag: Sole Asset Data Updater Service
Complimentary access to Radtag Dashboard
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Custom subscription for multi-site radiation practices managing extensive inventories with over 10 X-rays

 Choose a 12, 24 or
36 month subscription

RadTag: Sole Asset Data Updater Service
Complimentary access to Radtag Dashboard
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“Excellent customer service.  We found ARSAS to be quick in delivery and competitively priced.  I would definitely recommend their services.” 

RadTag has helped our business ensure we meet our Radiation Management Licence conditions by keeping all Radiation details in the one place.

We had our radiation shielding assessment done last year by ARSAS. They made the process very simple and easy for us to get it done on time.” 

RadTag™ App – Provides users the ability to catalogue Radiation assets to assist in meeting their obligations under state & territory legislation.

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