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Privacy Act refers to the Privacy Act 1988 of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Privacy Policy refers to the Privacy Policy which forms part of the Terms of Use, and is available at the internet address ‘
Terms of Use refers to the document entitled ‘ Terms of Use’ (this document), incorporating the Privacy Policy, which is available at the internet address ‘’.
Website refers the collection of websites and/or web pages that are operated by us and are accessible at the internet domain name ‘’ or any sub-domain contained with the address-space of that domain.

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Waiver and enforcement
Any waiver of the Terms of Use are at our sole and absolute discretion. No waiver of any of the Terms of Use shall be taken to be a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term. Any failure by us to assert any right that we hold under the Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of such right.

Responsibilities of users
Intellectual property
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Accuracy of information
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Prohibited content
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• may be perceived as constituting harassment, intimidation or bullying of any person whatsoever.
• promotes a company, product or service which is competitive with the products and services that we offer.
• endorses a particular political party, position, agenda or issue.

Non-commercial use
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No advice given
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User responsibilities
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If any part of the Terms of Use are held to be invalid, that part is deemed to be excluded from the Terms of Use and all other parts are deemed to still be valid and in force. Those provisions of this agreement that are capable of surviving the agreement will not be terminated upon termination of the agreement.