Radiation Asset Management made easy with RADTAG IDs

RadTag IDs assist Radiation Management Licence holders meet their obligations under state and territory legislation. Your RadTag provides your Radiation source with its own Asset Identity and creates a common language between the user and the Radiation Safety Regulator.

RadTag ID is suitable for the following sectors

Why you need RadTag

  • State and territory radiation legislation mandates strict compliance from businesses that possess radiation equipment.
  • State legislation also specifies the exact number of penalty units allocated for each offense, providing clarity on the severity of breaches across all jurisdictions.
  • The value of a penalty unit for a financial year is fixed by the Treasurer.
  • Fines of up to $1,635,000 apply for breaches

Radiation Safety is serious buinsess

  • RadTag minimises your businesses risk and provides your Radiation Source with its own Identity.
  • Save all documentation in the one place and never lose a document again.
  • Prevent forgetting to renew or update your Radiation Management Licence.

Track and control your Radiation Assets in 3 Steps

Radtag™ is a vital way to store important information relating to your Radiation asset, ensure compliance with State Radiation legislation and minimise your business risk.

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*RadTag App Require