1. Can I update my Radtag with new information?

YES, as a part of your RadTag subscription service we will update your RadTag with new data after receiving a written request.

2. Can multiple people view RadTag records?

YES, your Radiation asset information can be read by anyone that has downloaded the RadTag app to provide visibility and ensure that ongoing licence conditions are met.

3. Where is my asset information keep?

RadTag data is securely stored in the RadTag database and as a part of your subscription you can request RadTag to provide that information. Written request must be made in writing and from an official business email.

4. I have acquired a Radiation Practice and see that the Radiation source has a RadTag, what do I need to do?

A: In the first instance you should ensure that your radiation practice and radiation Assets are licenced with your Radiation Safety state regulator. If the RadTag subscription is current you can simply provide a letter of business transfer and we will transfer the subscription to your new entity.

5. My Radtag subscription is lapsed can I reinstate my subscription?

YES, customers can reinstate their subscription and a request should be made in writing from an authorised company employee.

6. Can we purchase multiple RadTags to be used across multiple sites?

YES, RadTag is designed for making Radiation Asset management across multiple sites easy.